Sheng Zhen Austin is a community of dedicated Sheng Zhen practitioners in Austin, Texas.

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a system of standing, seated, and lying down forms and contemplations.  It promotes healing unique to each person and can accelerate the healing process. 

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a practice of connection, purification, and cultivation. Through the movements and inner stillness we connect with energy which purifies us on all levels helping cultivate our bodies, minds and spirits. Our minds and bodies can recover from the stresses of life by relaxing and having no thoughts. In the inner stillness we can begin to understand what is important in our lives. 

Above all, Sheng Zhen Meditation is about opening the heart. A joyful heart exudes strength and energy regardless of the circumstances.  When your heart is open, the mind and body naturally relax, you remain balanced and peaceful within.

Qi and Unconditional Love

Qi is a concept from Chinese philosophy which can be translated as the essence of life or life force.  When qi is clean and flows freely within your body, life thrives, when it is dirty or stagnant, disease and negativity can take root. The energy of qi comes from the original energy – Unconditional Love. They are always together.