Freeing Oneself to Become a Saint


Sixth movement in Awakening the Soul

We have the following twelve lines of poetry to contemplate as we practice this movement.Where does one go from this point on?
Is it simply existence with on boundaries?
Is there more to know to be and to see?
How does one grasp what it means to be free?
Tasting the experience leads to understanding
That receiving the gift requires something more
One needs to practice to keep the heart open
To become rooted in the bliss at the core
When the soul is awakened there is one true desire
To become one in the heart with no restraint
This giving of oneself with no conditions
Is freeing oneself to become a saint.

Recently, we asked Sheng Zhen practitioners to tell us “What does Freeing Oneself to Become a Saint mean to you?” Here are some of the responses we received:

Anne – Norway

I have found it difficult to explain it to my students, and have focused on surrender and let go, so you can feel free. I like Rebecca`s view The saint word do sometimes make some people a bit skeptic

Elena – Australia
to be free from getting hurt because of no ego. to be free from expecting because you do things out of love. to be free from needing because your heart just glows and flows with qi. to be free to just be, be the pure white lotus from the Heart, same with All but different.

Elinor – Hawaii

It means allowing yourself to be the good person you were meant to be. To give yourself permission to let down the walls that keep you from behaving as you know you should, as you know you want. To be more loving and open without fear of other peoples perceptions. To not care if other people think you are weak or weird.

There is a vulnerability that you have to get past. It is more than ego I think. The ego is certainly part of it. But allowing ones self to be truly vulnerable is very tough but very liberating.

“May the Heavens guard the opening of my heart” is from a preceding movement Love Descends on Me. I think that is what allows us to be a saint knowing that we are protected by the Heavens, by our open heart and the open hearts around us

Jessica – Colorado

To me, it means letting go of expectations, accepting everything that comes to us in life with grace, humility, and an open heart, however difficult it may be. It means letting go of the fear that keeps us from facing the ugly parts of life, of ourselves and meeting those parts of life with love and gentleness. It means giving unconditionally of myself, my love, my heart.

Kenneth – Austin

I think about this nearly every day. Becoming a saint, or a Buddha, is your destiny. It is returning to your original essence, which is an embodiment of Love.

Liana – Austin

Freeing oneself to become a saint means feeling connected enough to the universe to lose ego. Without ego there is no judgement, no shame, no fear. Our actions become actions of love, not reactions out of emotion or misunderstanding


“free yourself from the ego and all actions will be filled with love. Like the lotus flower is growing through the dirt and brings joy to everybody

Rebecca – Austin

The giving of oneself with no conditions, is freeing oneself to become a saint… That’s one of my favorite lines. For me it speaks to rising above any limitations the ego puts on giving and the freedom that comes with letting go of agenda and giving freely with no expectations or demands. There have been times that this contemplation has really helped me give or help others, and truly unconditionally, out of the purest and selfless intention from my Heart.