May the Qi be with you

Imagine dancing in a field of energy; a dance of flowing in a field of expression, through breathe, movements, and visualization… practice Qigong and experience this flow.Qigong (chee gong); a Chinese practice dating

back to several thousands years; includes a series of movements in various positions to gather, move, and release the “qi”; meaning life-force, energy, vitality; and “gong” meaning practice, cultivation, skill. It combines physical posture, breathing techniques, and focused intention to help the practitioner achieve harmony on all levels. “Qi” exists equally everywhere; all around us; and it seems sensible to want to grab as much as you could.

Through practice of Qigong one can and will engage in the exchange and interflow of this energy.

According to ancient masters, “qi” is the fundamental energy of the universe; the power behind our movement, emotions and mentality; Qigong practice cultivates this energy, thereby helps in awakening natural self-healing properties within the body, mind, and spirit. The same principles apply to Medical Qigong, a process by which a Qigong therapist emits qi to help resolve blockages in the body helping to free up and balance the vital energy for healing. It stimulates the flow of blood and qi to viagra price various parts of the body through meridians which are the “energy pathways” or major channels in sationistbonus order to maintain health and enhance longevity.

With today’s busy life style choices, we leave little time for reflection or generally slowing down, there is lack of connection to one’s inherent loving and peaceful being. It is important to discover our inner light and open up to the power and simplicity of connecting to all aspects of the self and to the wonders of the Universe. Either practiced or received as an external healing, it would be wise to take note of the benefits of Qigong; physical, mental, emotional; that come from experiencing this art.

Sharabella Fini has been teaching Sheng Zhen Qigong and practices holistic healing , including Medical Qigong, Reiki, and Touch for Health.  She is a member of National Qigong Association. As an artist her painting and photography reflects the passion for her energy work.  She can be contacted at 512-825-7799,,