Peace Felt Project

During the summer of 2010, Mary Tokumaru gathered together a group of Sheng Zhen volunteers to participate in the Peace Felt Project to celebrate International Peace Day on September 21st.

Marie Spaulding, an internationally known f

iber artist and founder of the Peace Felt Project, donated her time to come teach the group to make felt. Since none of the members of the Sheng Zhen group had any experience with felting, Marie’s help was very welcome.

The group, Liana Wheatley, Teresa Wilde, Ken Bloomer, Kay Wentworth, Lydia Munro, Sherry Fini and Mary Tokumaru, met at Francie Shimaya’s

home twice to complete the work on a lavender and green felt origami lotus. Mary Tokumaru proposed this design because the International Sheng Zhen Society logo is a lavender lotus


While the Austin Sheng Zhen group made their piece for a group of four women artists, who use the name “Hera Group,” and live in the northeast of the UK, we received a felt piece made by a group buy cheap viagra in uk centered around Waldorf education from the Modiin area of Israel. The Sheng Zhen group received a lovely wall hanging, and our lotus was equally appreciated. Miranda, one of the British group, said, “What a wonderful piece of felt . . . We may use the Lotus flower as a symbol to guide us through our next phase!”

This project, designed to promote world peace, not only brought our own Austin community closer together, but also spread Sheng Zhen further into the world community.