Sarah S. Bentley, MPH

Sarah S. Bentley, MPH is an intuitive leader, consultant, health educator, and behavioral scientist with a passion for mindfulness and stress management from a public health perspective. Sarah first became a certified Sheng Zhen Meditation teacher in 2004. She studied closely with Master Li Junfeng between 2002-2012, during which time she served as his assistant. Sarah is also trained as a massage therapist and has practiced yoga since 1995. She is a certified Dharma Yoga Teacher, as well.

With more than a decade of experience in community relations, public health, public speaking, teaching, and facilitating group processes and workshops within educational, clinical, and business sectors, Sarah has moderated panel discussions, facilitated staff trainings, led focus groups, and presented at retreats and conferences. Sarah has a unique ability to strategically deliver information to targeted audiences. In her offerings, she melds strong interpersonal communication skills with active and compassionate listening in a down-to-earth and light-hearted manner. Contact Sarah through her website: