From mid-October to the beginning of Thanksgiving week of this year, several local Austin practitioners attended a 36-day Sheng Zhen meditation retreat led by Master Li Junfeng at Eastover in Lenox, MA. This is the first time Sheng Zhen has had this long of a retreat. Around thirty people attended coming from all over the globe–Canada, Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Singapore, and from many states in the US. This was an exceptional opportunity to deepen our practice and understanding of Sheng Zhen Meditation, including living with Sheng Zhen spirit and living a Sheng Zhen life style.

The following quotes express some of what was shared during the retreat:

“When we are aware of others around us and their needs, we are happier and so are they.”

“The biggest problem in the world today is too much ego. Through the practice of Sheng Zhen reduce this problem in yourself. Be humble. Serve others.”

“Always practice Sheng Zhen spirit. It can be seen in a relaxed way of being with emotions at ease and the feeling of enjoying life with no worries.”

“Before beginning your meditation, think thoughts like: “I am alive on this earth with my family, and the earth provides everything for our use — so nice!”

“Movement is for cultivating qi. Stillness is for quietening the heart.”

“Understand that Unconditional Love is the Original Master.”

Two of the Austin participants relate what this experience meant to them:

My take-away from the experience is:

It was a real privilege to meditate and practice with Master Li every day, surrounded by other people so dedicated to healing, learning and growth. I felt the group synergy really amplified the practice. My experiences in meditation and guided self-healing sessions ranged from new insights about my personal issues to profound energetic/emotional releases and deeply moving spiritual epiphanies. I feel the retreat opened new space for growth by releasing old, obsolete patterns, and giving me new perspective about the ways I use my energy. Practicing in such a structured way for so many consecutive days brought my personal baseline in meditation way up.

And the second take away states:

I reestablished my regular meditation practice and stillness of mind. I also witnessed positive physical changes.  My breath became deeper and my back pain improved. I found myself saying no to things I previously would have over committed to and created stress in my life. In addition I connected with old friends and new friends on deep soul nurturing levels.

If you are interested in learning Sheng Zhen Meditation for self-healing, check out the classes on our calendar and under events.